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IMG 0997 300x199 Fun DivingZamami island is the small island that laying in the coral ocean, and its circumference is 78 ft. The water around the island is finely clear, and over 1,000 kinds of fishes is living in the ocean. Zamami island is known as the one of the best diving spot because of the variety of corals.

Diving Style

  • We plan our customers’ daily diving schedule (up to three dives per day) depend on customers’ condition/pace.
  • It takes 5-20min to get each diving point! We go back to the port after each dive, so you don’t have to worry about seasickness.
  • We don’t basically let our customers dive at the same point because There are many wonderful diving points in Kerama islands, and we would like our customers to dive as many points as possible.
  • If there are a lot of customers, we divide people into a couple of groups by their skills, and our staff goes into the ocean as a guide and assistant.
  • The most of the diving points are shallow. The average depth is around 30ft through 65ft. The maximum depth is around 100ft.
  • Dive Time
  • Anchore diving; we go around points for 40-50 min, and we have free time at the shoal (also safety purpose)
  • Draft diving; we dive for 45 min. (might be changed due to shallow/deep points)
  • There are a number of points that contain dynamic geography, white sands, corals, and fishes. You can enjoy numerous aspects of the ocean at once while you are in the island.Everyone (from beginners to experts) can enjoy diving because these spectacular points in Kerama islands.


We operate 2 ships and show you Kerama ocean freely.

venus1 Fun Diving


53 ft (about 17m), 30-passangers.

450 hp x two-engined. Two stairs deck. Furnished flush toilet and shower.

IMG 53581 Fun Diving

32 ft (about 10m), 16-passangers.

Capable of small turning circle. Good for small-party diving. Easy EN/EX due to low edge

Daily Schedule

2 vives

08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Leave to 1st dive
11:00 Return to port
Recess at the guest house/Takatsuki
13:30 Leave to 2nd dive
15:00 Return to port
Free time
18:00 Dinner
21:00 Logging(Voluntary)


07:30 Breakfast
09:00 Leave to 1st dive
10:30 Return to port
Recess at the port
11:00 Leave to 2nd dive
12:30 Return to port
Recess at the guest house/Takatsuki
14:30 Leave to 3rd diving
16:00 Return to port
Free time
18:00 Dinner
21:00 Logging(Voluntary)


・Departure schedule can be changed due to weather, sea condition etc., or our customers’ arrival timing.

・You can dive twice in the morning if you want to relax in the afternoon.

・Diving schedule on the day of arrival/departure changes depend on schedule of liner.

・We also accept reservation of early and night diving anytime. Please talk to our staff.


We start logging at 9 p.m. on the 1st floor.

We provide Awamori, water, tea (for free)

We also provide draft beer (500 yen/cup)

If our customer take pictures/video, we see/watch them together.

log kanpai Fun Diving

Logging… Cheers with Awamori!!

log kinenn a Fun Diving

Taking anniversary-diving photo. We cerebrate anniversary-diving.


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