Welcome to DiveCenter NO-Y

Dive Center NO-Y has opened in 1994 to enjoy diving and whole watching in Zamami Island, Kerama, Okinawa

Our shop name; [NO-Y] is pronouced [No-E]. Do you think it’s English? or French?[NO-Y] came from Okinawan language which means [a calm] in English.

Do you know what is meaning of [calm]?

Calm means the sea condition that is nearly or completely montionless. However, this is not the only meaning that [NO-Y] has in Okinawan language. Okinawan people say [NO-Y] when the ocean is calm, wonderful weather, and getting excite with going to outside.

Dive Center NO-Y wishes to help all people who visit Zamami Island to enjoy island, relax by beautiful natures, and make people’s heart [NO-Y]; calm.

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Fun Diving

Zamami island is the small island that laying in the coral ocean, and its circumference is 78 ft. The water around the island is finly clear, and over 1,000 kinds of fishes is living in the ocean. Zamami island is known as the one of the best diving spot because of the variety of corals.

Trial Diving

You can enjoy diving without any experiences in the past.

Acquire Certification

You can acquire BSAC’s C-card for three days.

boat snorkel

We promise clearer water than the beaches have.

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Whale Watching

The humpback whales were belived that they had been extincted, but they started to be found about 15 years ago in the ocean around Zamami island. As the number of seeing whales increasing, we hope the Okinawan ocean is going to be the breeding grounds for humpback whales, and we operate whale watching every year.

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This ship has debuted in May 2004.

The ship is large that has 53 ft, for 30-passange, and 2-stair decks. You can also realx on the ship. You can shelter from rain and wind. It also has rest room, so you can fully enjoy whale watching!

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Pension Takatsuki

We renovated “Takatsuki” old building due to superannuated in February 2002, and re-opened as “Pension Takatsuki” We always welcome our customers with smiles and warmful atmosphere.

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