25 mile west from Naha. Zamami island is one of the island of Kerama islands that contain various islands.

To access Zamami island from Naha Airport, there are two ways; ferry or airplane.

Naha Airport <> Tomari Port <> Zamami Port <> Walking 3 min. <> NO-Y・Pension Takatsuki

Take Liners

Go to Tamari Port to take the liners.

From Tomari Port to Zamami Port, you can take either Queen Zamami (fast ferry) or Ferry Zamami

Enjoy your cruising

Naha Airport > Tomari Port

It’s convenient if you take taxi or Yui-rail (Monorail) from Naha Airport to Tomari Port.

★By Taxi

Tell driver that you want to go to “Tomarin”

Takes 15 min.

It sometimes takes about 30 min. if there’s a traffic jam. Please be careful.

It costs about 1,200 yen to take a taxi

*** If you take Queen Zamami, please tell driver that you want to go to “Tomarin Hokugan (North bank)

★By Yui-rail

You can take Yui-rail(monorail) from Naha Airport.

Get off the monorail at 7th station; Miebashi Station.

Takes 15 min.

It costs 260 yen

From Miebashi Station to Tomari Port, it takes 10 min, by walking.

★By bus

Take bus either #99 or #120. Get off the bus at “Tomori Takahashi”

Bus stop is locates a little bit far from the ferry terminal.

It takes about 5 min. by walking to the terminal.

Tell bus driver that you want to go to Tomari Port.

The most of the time, the driver let you know when you get closer.

30-40 min.

It costs 200 yen

★By rent-a-car

For now, there’s no rental car company that you can drop off your car at the terminal.

The closest return spot for rental car is DFS Okinawa.

DFS Okinawa is really convenient because a lot of rental car company have their office.

After you return your rental car, go to Tomari Port (north bank)

(Taxi) 15 min. 600-700 yen

If you visit Zamami island on day trip, you had better to park your car at the underground parking lot.

200 yen (basic fee) + 100 yen/hour ***Discount is available for long period parking car

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Tomari Port > Zamami Port

In Tomari Port, there is a big building that is called “Tomarin”, and you can buy boat ticket at Tomarin.

You can buy boat ticket at either Tomarin (main area) or the north bank.

○Ferry departures from in front of main building.

○Queen Zamami departures from Tomari Port, north bank.

It takes only 3 min. from Zamami Port to Pension Takatsuki.

We can pick you up if you have children or big baggage.

Queen Zamami III (fast ferry)

60c64d96f60d738c5837cc1c5d2afb64 Access50 min.

Departure/Arrival: Tomari Port, north bank

If you let cab driver that you want to go to Tomari Port, north bank, you can get off the taxi in front of the ferry.

You can buy ticket at north bank area.

Please confirm time schedule and price at Zamami-son official website.

Ferry Zamami

e7c1965fa7b9c1942dcd98ba9fc81377 Access120 min.

Departure/Arrival: In front of Tomarin

Please don’t mix up with other ferries that go to other islands such as Tokashiki island or Aguni island.

Please confirm time schedule and price at Zamami-son official website.

・The place for departure and arrival changes boat by boat.

tomarin Access

・Some boats (Queen Zamami and Ferry Zamami) stop by Aka island, please don’t leave the ship at Aka island.

・Please make your reservation in advance because there are a lot of people use ferries during summer vacation and holiday season. You can make reservation a month before.

・We recommend you to make reservation if you take Queen Zamami.

・The ship can’t be steady depend on sea condition. Please take medicine to prevent motion sickness if you tend to have seasickness.

You can check time schedule for next two months at Zamami-son official website.

Reservation and Question: Zamami village office, Naha branch tel 098-86-4567

It takes only 3-5 min. by walking from Zamami Port to Pension Takatsuki.

We can pick you up if you are with small children or you have big baggage.

***Cross at the traffic light and go straight. You will see Pension Takatsuki in front of the elemantary school.