Acquire LicenseDiving

You can acquire BSAC’s C-card for three days.


If you want to dive, you need to have C-card.

Some people often mistake C-card for license. C of C-card stands for certification.

C-card is issued by each instruction organizations to prove that you have necessary knowledge and skill. The detail of lecture is about same as each organizations.

If you acquire C-card, you become a diver, and you can dive all over the world.

Instruction Organizations

Instrucation organizations develop diving knowledge and skill, and diffuse them through instructors.

There are many instruction organizations, and each organization has verious programs and characters, but there is not much differeces.

NO-Y provide lectures based on BSAC. You will be able to acquire Ocean Diver certification. (it’s also called Open water diver in different organizations)

BSAC is based in Europe, and world-wide instruction organizations. Therefore, C-card is accepted not only in Japan but also overseas.

bsac1 Acquire License

The Detail of Lecture


(half day to one day)

Learn basic knowledge and rules to enjoy diving safe.

Learn how to handle equipments, the environment and creatures in the ocean, the effct to the human body in the water by using materials and videos.

We carry out the test to know how much you understand lecture.


(2 dyas)

After you learn theory, your next step is practice. Learn skill to enjoy diving safe and comfortable such as how to use equipments, how to deal with troubles etc..

We start from the shoal that has calm wave and mild current. As you get used to water, we go deeper and practice.

We teach student by student. You can practice until you are satisfies.

Exercise usually takes 2 dives/day x 2 day (total 4 dives)

Course Schedule

Day 1

9:30~18:00 Academic 1 / 3 hours (including break)

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Exercise 1, Dive 1 / 2-3 hours

12:00 Lunch break. We don’t provide lunch (there is restaurant near our shop)

13:30 Exercise 2, Dive 2 / 2-3 hours

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Academic 2 / 1 hour

21:00 Logging (Keep diving records)

22:00 End

Day 3

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Exercise 3, Dive 3 / 2-3 hours

12:00 Lunch break. We don’t provide lunch (there is restaurant near our shop)

13:30 Exercise 4, Dive 4 / 2-3 hours

16:00 Academic test / 1 hour

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Fill out C-card application form

21:00 Logging (Keep diving records)

22:00 End

・The above schedule is basic schedule

・You have to stay 3 nights at least because we can’t conduct exercise on the day you take flight.

・You can aquire certification if you take academic class on the afternoon that you arrive Zamami island by liner.

・If your schedule allows, you can do fun diving after you finish course.

・We provide material and text on first day.

☆★☆For detail informationm, feel free to contact us.☆★☆


Good health (above Jr. Highschool student)
We can’t accept people who are not in good condition or under drinking.
We let you use wet suit, so you can wear any kinds of swimsuit.
You can take shower at our shop after you are done.


See the page of “Price”