Pention Takatsuki InformationPension Takatsuki

Pension Takatsuki Information Rooms and Facilities

IMG 1487 300x199 Pention Takatsuki Information3 min. by walking from Zamami Port.

White building in front of elementary and Jr. high school is Pension Takatsuki.

3-story building (9 rooms) All rooms is furnished with bath, toilet, TV, refrigerator, AC. We provide toothbrush and towel as well. You can stay easily.

We also have outside shower that you can use after diving or swimming, and there is large washing place to wash your equipments.

We serve great portion of meals such as Okinawan food that use local fishes and vegetables.

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It’s convenient that “105 super” which is the biggest grocery store in Zamami is located near our building. Also you can walk to Takatuski platform (for 20 min.)

Example of Our Meal


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Meat・Fish・Sashimi・Side dishes

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Drinks and Others

○ Draft beer 500 yen/cup

○ Awamori 200 yen/glass 180ml(6 oz) 500 yen

・You can bring any drinks (canned beer etc.)

If you are lucky, we serve fresh fishes that our owner gets.


See the page of “Price”

Pension Takatsuki Information Rooms and Facilities